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“Go into the whole world and proclaim the gospel to every creature.” Mark 16:15

More than ever before, our community needs to hear and understand the truths of the Catholic faith. Radio is the most proven and cost effective way to combat the crisis in our culture and pass on the Catholic faith. Redeemer Radio listeners enjoy the best programs from the EWTN and AVE MARIA radio networks, in addition to special local programming produced at the Redeemer Radio studio.

Program Schedule

Download the combined AM 1450 & 89.9 FM Program Schedule.
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Download the 89.9 FM Program Schedule only

Locally Produced Programs on Redeemer Radio

Redeemer Radio is proud to produce original local programs and features! Hear the voices of Priests you know, and fellow parishioners you see at church.  Our devoted volunteers are most generous with their knowledge, faith sharing and voice talent. This combination makes for compelling, community oriented commentaries and features.  Just click below on the Program for a listing of featured audio:

Regular Programs
10 minutes or longer
Deacon Jim TigheMorning Show
Coming soon
Late Spring 2014
Dr. Matthew Bunson
Airs: Saturday's & Sunday's 10am & 6pm
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Mark Michuda & Norm Stoffel
Airs: Third Saturday and Sunday of the month 10:30am & 6:30pm
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-Readings & Reflections
Local priests broadcast each week
Airs: Monday - Friday
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Your parish and favorite apostolates help raise support
Airs: 3 consecutive days in Fall and Spring 7am - 7pm

Dwenger, Luers, CYO & USF Football & Basketball
Airs: Fall & Winter

Regular Programs
2 minutes or less
-Community Calendar

Jim Abbott
Airs: Rotating throughout the day
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-Historia Nostra

Tom Castaldi
Airs: Rotating throughout the day

-ManAlive Minutes

Dr. Tom McGovern
Airs: Rotating throughout the day

Faith & MedicineMedical Association

Dr. Dave Kaminskas
Airs: Rotating throughout the day

Fr. James BromwichNatural Law

Fr. James Bromwich
Airs: throughout the day

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Airs Saturdays & Sundays 10am & 6pm

Audio Library

Listen to local Redeemer Radio programs.

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Celebrate with your Catholic community!.

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